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What is the Service Design College?

We are a new breed of design school. We are a melting pot of knowledge and experiences with people bringing their expertise and ambitions, strengths, and weaknesses to find encouraging support for their professional and personal development and give that support back to others. Their role changes depending on the question asked. Balancing individual needs with those of peers and society as a whole. We combine six ways of learning: blended, peer-to-peer, relation-based, inclusive, holistic and continuous.
What makes this college unique?

The Service Design College gives everyone, no matter their previous training or level of experience, access to the most current design topics and applications. It does so in an open and informal format where every member can participate in the exchange of knowledge and ideas: contributing from their own experience and learning from the expertise of others. It is a community of peers dedicated to the collective advancement of the design practice through empowering each other to have transformative power, generate impact and effect change.
What is the college Campus?

The campus is a lively, collaborative place for serendipity, based on trust and openness. A physical and virtual meeting space to take part in a wide array of social, learning activities. To find talented, sharp, conceptual, humble, open-minded, and people-driven professionals.

Our aim? To provide you with a place where you can share your experience, give back and guide others. And where others support you in your ongoing learning journey. To widen your horizons and let you see new things. And let you face future challenges with an open mind, new energy and the ongoing support of your peers.
What activities does the college provide?

The growing list of our actvities consists of:

AMA sessions
At Ask Me Anything sessions, you get to know more about a specific topic by asking thought leaders anything you like to know, and having a discussion with them and fellow participants.

Deep dive into one of the design abilities by following a series of lessons bundled in chapters that can be followed over several weeks (mostly 4 to 6 weeks). Work individually and with peers, and be guided by a tutor of your choice.

Presentations that are intended to convey critical information and theories, and teach you about a particular subject by a professor, university or college teacher.

Workshops have a specific, action-oriented purpose. They aim to generate some concrete answers to current problems in the field, and are a great opportunity to learn new skills and to familiarise yourself with a topic you don't know well.

Lively and interactive presentations about inspiring topics, projects, and/or company cases. They are complemented by (personal) stories, Q&As and discussions.
Do you provide incompany learning programs?

All learning activities of the Service Design College can be joined by your team or colleagues on unique dates and/or locations. We also offer tailor-made learning programs to help your organisation build the necessary abilities to challenge the status quo. For instance, a design talk series to provide access to inspiring design-related content. Or an interactive workshop program to enhance design-related skills. We can also provide you with in-company mentors who assist and guide your team leads in their individual growth and strengthen the talent pipeline. These activities can be delivered virtually (via our online learning platform) or in-person (face-to-face expert facilitation) at your organisation's premises.


How is study content and material provided?

Study materials will be mainly supplied digitally. Some materials may be distributed physically as noted in the course description. Examples of these materials are: written content, downloadable pdf files and videos.

Normally the access to the online materials will terminate within two months of your enrolment unless stated differently. See our terms and conditions for more information.
In what language are the learning activities?

All learning activities are in English. In the future, some might be offered in other languages.
Do you provide certificates?

We offer open badge certificates. Open Badges is the name of a group of specifications and open technical standards originally developed by the Mozilla Foundation. These badges are a validated indicator of accomplishment. The badges are web-enabled versions of a credential, certification or learning outcome which can be verified in real-time, online. Mozilla migrated all users to Badgr.

After completing a course or joining the global conference, you will receive an email notification from Badgr with instructions for claiming your badge. You can use your badge on platforms like LinkedIn, in your CV, etc.
Can I earn study points?

You will earn study points for each hour invested in knowledge growth. There are many options available to you that will help you earn study points, such as joining talks, participating in workshops, starting a reading club, becoming a mentor, or following courses, among others.


Can I transfer my registration to another person?

If you are not able to join a paid learning activity, you can transfer your registration to another person. This is free up to a certain number of days before the start date of your learning activity. This number differs per activity. Have a look at our terms & conditions for more information.
Do I need to pay taxes?

Fees for our paid learning activities are in USD or in euros and exclusive of VAT. We charge 21% VAT to organisations (companies, NGOs and self-employed) that are based in The Netherlands. We also charge 21% VAT to EU-based organisations (companies, NGOs and self-employed) without a registered VAT number. We won’t charge VAT if you are based outside the EU. Find out more about the rules that possibly affect you here.
Are participants eligible for financial support?

Participants in exceptional situations can apply for a discount or a compensation. If you are unemployed, or (temporarily) without a project, or your organisation won’t cover the costs, then you can apply for a discount. If the currency exchange rate in your country is significantly devalued relative to the Euro or US dollar (e.g. Brazil, India, Argentina, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Indonesia, Malaysia) then you are eligible for a grant. To qualify, send us an email and explain your situation. All applications will be processed individually.


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