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Is your organisation challenged by uncertainties, by evolving competitive forces, or by shifts in technologies? Does your team need better alignment and cohesiveness, and do they have a hard time moving forward? Are you building a people-centric culture? Do you need everyone to have a 360° design mindset?

We offer tailor-made learning programs to help your organisation build the necessary abilities to challenge the status quo. To move beyond efficiency and kickstart human-centered innovation. We focus on transformation processes involving mixed groups, large and small teams, or individual staff members.

Our learning activities can be delivered virtually (via our online learning platform) or in-person (face-to-face expert facilitation) at your organisation's premises. Discover the benefits of us bringing our learning activities to your organisation. Ensure your staff gets the most out of their training and that everyone's learning objectives are met.

Tailor-made series of talks for HP

“The SDC team compiled a tailor-made series of talks based on our needs and the inner and outer organisational context. The aim of the series was to create a shared design mindset to support us in better understanding our customers and designing better services. For the Innovation Talks we invited our employees from around the globe, designers and non-designers, to learn from professionals in specific design fields. The positive feedback we received was above expectation.” 


  1. Content is customised to your specific organisational needs and situation
  2. Held virtually or at your workplace causing minimal interruption to the work day, and saving travel time and costs for participants
  3. Flexible and adjustable; for mixed groups, small and large teams or individual staff members
  4. We teach abilities your team members can use right away
  5. All learning activities are delivered by experienced professionals
  6. Cost effective prices providing value for money


We develop a unique learning program based on your situation. For instance, a design talk series to provide access to inspiring design-related content. Or an interactive workshop program to enhance design-related skills.

We can also provide you with in-company mentors who assist and guide your team leads in their individual growth and strengthen the talent pipeline.

A design challenge for Philips

"At Philips Design we shape experiences to improve lives of millions every day. We believe in creating products, services and solutions that go beyond the users' expectations to enrich the quality of their lives. The SDC team is an essential partner for us in involving a new generation of designers in creating people-centered and future-oriented services for people and the planet. We love working with them to inspire the next generations of designers."

How to proceed?

Please contact us via the request form below for more information. Tell us about your organisation, its challenges and objectives, and your goals and requirements. We provide an intake in which we put together a tailor-made program in consultation with you.

During the program, specific matters and cases from your organisation or team are discussed to ensure that the content can be directly applied to participants’ work situations. Or encourage your team to sign up for our 360° design mindset series. As a group, they will receive a team discount.




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