Learning activities

At the Service Design College, we introduce you to a year-long learning program, the 360° series. Each month we will organise learning activities that are based on a specific design ability that help you navigate and create change. You can follow the full program, or you can cherry-pick a learning activity or select one specific design ability to dive into.

This year, we kicked off with ‘Solving for tomorrow’. Following with 'Embracing a business mentality’. Throughout the year we organise talks, AMA sessions, workshops and 8 to10-week courses on strategic foresight, systemic design and many more.

Check our virtual Campus to learn about other upcoming events and activities, such as Campfires and Intervision group sessions. Several of these events and activities are free. If you aren’t a member yet, feel free to register and join!

Upcoming and ungoing

Past activities



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